About Tellbd

Tellbd is a leading International Voice Gateway (IGW) Service Provider and wholesaler in Bangladesh. Tellbd started its operation in 2012 and since then it has been working with the international telecom carriers including VOIP operators from across the Globe. Tellbd has successfully been handling international incoming and outgoing voice traffic for Bangladesh over its international telecom network. Tellbd has a state of the art 24/7 NOC which is maintaining excellent service quality and uptime for its local and international interconnected telecom partners. Tellbd has developed expertise in three core areas of telecommunication such as IP Network, Transmission Network and Core Voice Switching network.

Tellbd Also provide Wholesale , Reseller, Server, Softswitch, Dialer, Software And Domain . We have provide direct quality routes at a competitive rate at many destinations.

So it’s time to you to start business with us even you are just thinking to start your new business “Tellbd” will be the perfect choice for your business.
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Tellbd exists to help customer get the full benefit of service in there daily live. We're here to help..