Tellbd stands out from the rest of the carriers with its ability to not only cater to VoIP and TDM voice traffic but also provide a lot of other Value Added Services. Our Voice and VAS offers are listed below:

Tellbd IGW

Worldwide Termination

We terminate voice call of international carrier partners on a regular basis.We offer calls to all major destinations in the world at competitive prices and quality.

Direct Routes

We are seeking Termination and origination partners worldwide. Our network is growing at a rapid pace, fueled by our passion of excellence by providing commitment to our partners with top quality service to our very best carriers abroad.

Client’s Online Access

We provide control panel from which you can monitor your traffic in real time and generate reports regularly.

A to Z Termination

We offer A-Z termination at competitive rates by ensuring highest voice quality. Calls are switched from our Datacenter in UK and Singapore to interconnect international carriers.

Tellbd is directly connected many more of the promising International Gateway (IGW) license holder in Bangladesh with regulatory approval of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC).
Tellbd is the telecom arm with 3 years of experience in distributed areas of Business.

Tellbd is run by a team of highly experienced Telecom managers with unparalleled experience in the bulk carrier segment.

Focus on Quality

Tellbd since its inception took quality control as a core value for its operations. With a foundation consisting of dedicated US core equipment like media gateways and session border controllers as well as industry leading US switching and routing equipments, Tellbd boasts one the most stable and quality network compared to other competitors.

Backed by a strong transmission network with existing interconnection Exchanges (ICX), Tellbd is ready to handle peak volume at the highest quality for any international carriers.

Value Additions

Unlike the crowd of competition, Tellbd is uniquely capable of handling international SMS traffic with P2P, A2P and short code SMS capabilities. With unparalleled SMS rates, Tellbd is thriving to become the market leader in this nice segment. Other Value added services include Hosted IVR solutions, international content distribution and international SMS routing capabilities.

Uncompromising economy: Bulk voice and SMS business dominates on the economics of scale. Tellbd is adamant to best any competitive bulk price without compromising a single bit on quality. The industry leading core and transmission network as well as market leading billing ensures our customer to be satisfied all doubt in terms of QOS, Billing and round the clock support.

Tellbd IGW