mtel_mobile_dialer_from_mir_telecom_logo1How do our hosted Dialer work?

  • All VoIP service providers (existing or new) can enroll with our hosted dialer – starting from 75 concurrent calls plan.
  • The Hosted dialers will be generated to work directly with your any softswitch – using your IP or DNS.
  • Mir Technologies provides you the required links to download the dialers- you can also distribute your dialers through your website.
  • Our hosted dialers solution enables provisioning directly to end-users’ devices.
  • Once entering a correct Operator code, the settings will be applied automatically in the rented Dialer and the log in field enabled
  • You can purchase additional codes without any disruption to your service.


Hosted Price
SL No Package Per  Month
1 50 calls 48 3,840
2 100 calls 95 7,600
3 200 calls 190 15,200